With humble gratitude, we believe that God has blessed us with much. All that we have and all that we are is God’s gift to us. As good stewards, we receive God’s gift graciously, use them responsibly, grow them judiciously and return them generously.

The Stewardship Leadership Council of our Parish Community in collaboration with the Parish Leadership Council and the Staff Council would like to bring the reality of Stewardship alive in our parish. To this end, we would like to use and build on the beautiful vision of Stewardship that was originally created by Fr. Andrew Kemberling and Mila Glodava of St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Centennial, Colorado. Fr. Kemberling calls it ‘The Spirituality of Stewardship’.

It is centered around six pillars of our Catholic Faith. The pillars are;

1.            Faith – nourishing your faith.

2.            Prayer – making time for God in prayer.

3.            Generosity – giving of your treasures.

4.            Vocations – finding the path God has for you.

5.            Earth – caring for the earth.

6.    Service – sharing our gifts and talents.

As we strive to grow into better stewards making the Spirituality of Stewardship our way of life, our Parish Community under the leadership of the Stewardship Council will offer us many opportunities and resources over the coming months. Our hope and prayer is that as we tend to and nurture each other with these pillars of stewardship as families and a Parish Community, we will better align ourselves to be aware of God’s gifts in our life, and how they could and should be used with love and care according to God’s will.

With Blessings, 

The Stewardship Leadership Council