Anointing of the Sick brings Jesus healing, comfort, and strength to those who are seriously ill, elderly, or in danger of death. Communal Healing Liturgies are held twice a year, during the spring and fall.

Call Fr. William at (925) 939-7911 Ext. 105, for the dates and times.

Additional Healing Services:

  • The sacrament is available to people who are ill, elderly or who are going to have surgery of some kind. It is intended to be a support and strength to them through their painful times. No longer reserved only for the dying, the sacrament is a spiritual gift available for the asking.
  • Contact the Pastoral Office at (925) 939-7911 Ext. 0.
  • Eucharist to the sick and shut-in.
    Trained ministers go to the hospital daily to pray and give communion to the sick. Volunteer ministers go on a regular basis to people in Board and Care Homes,  Convalescent Homes and to those unable to come to Mass.
  • Bereavement sessions are available for grieving people.
    Those saddened by the death of a loved one need to give themselves time to work through their grieving. Bereavement Companions are available during the sessions to accompany those in mourning.

Fr. William Rosario
(925) 939-7911 (ext.105)