This weekend we hear Jesus share his new commandment to us all “love one another.” We are a people that have been Called to Love!  And that love shows itself is so many aspects here at St. John Vianney!

            Members of our community have lovingly watched over and ministered to one of our daily communicants who recently passed away. Another member of our community recently had surgery and many members of the community have organized food, visits as well as prayers in support since she lives by herself.

            Our Men’s Club works hard to bring us together to bond as a Community. This weekend they have organized a wonderful pasta dinner and magic show to bring our families together in Mullen Commons. They have worked hard at this and their organization and execution are amazing!

            Members of our Facilities Management Group (FMG) just completed the installation of Our Lady of Grace and Health in our garden in front of the Church. They also installed three plaques in the ellipse area there for meditation.  This was a project that was sponsored by a member of our community and organized by the community so that our visitors from John Muir would have a special place to pray to Mary even when they can’t enter the Church. I have prayed there myself, and Our Lady hasn’t disappointed.

            Right now, our Faith Formation staff and their Catechists are wrapping up our final gatherings of this year.  We have completed a year of Family Faith Formation, Middle School and High School Youth Ministry gatherings. We have Baptized and Confirmed our Adults, Confirmed 22 of our Youth and provided First Reconciliation and First Eucharist to 48 children. And all of this was accomplished with great love!

            We try to connect people with God’s love through our evangelization program called Alpha. We have run 4 different Alpha Sessions this year, one of them a Youth Session. In each of these sessions, some people really came alive in their faith. Alpha led one couple to begin our Faith Café series this fall watching and discussing the Catholicism Series by Bishop Barron. Two other women took over the Alpha kitchen in response to their experience. Love leads us to service and to leadership in the Church.


Debbie Mellin