Parishioners, families, employees and members of the Catholic Diocese of Oakland looking to purchase paint for the protection and beautification of your home?  Did you know that by purchasing paint through the Kelly Moore Paint Company a portion of your purchase will be gifted back to our Catholic Diocese?

The Kelly Moore Paint Company, manufacturing and selling paint in the Bay Area since 1946 is excited to offer a special KM Club Discount for your purchases of quality Kelly Moore Paint at any of our Kelly Moore stores ( go to and click on the store locater).  

A unique Kelly Moore Account # 605-DI4711 has been set up to allow you to take advantage of our wholesale pricing on paint and paint related products, saving you time and money.  We invite you to visit any of our stores and ask to use the Diocese of Oakland Parishioners KM Club Account 605-DI4711. Paint and supplies must be purchased through this special account to obtain both the discount and the gift back to the Diocese. In 2016 our gift back to the Diocese was $1000.

We are committed to providing you quality products and excellent service at a fair price. When you use the unique KM Club Account # 605-DI4711 for your purchases we at Kelly Moore will track the net sales dollars before tax annually and award a percentage of the sales back to the Diocese in the form of a rebate check.     Your home, parish and school improvement projects can in this way to contribute to the mission of the Church in Oakland.  Thank you for your support!  

Dear Sisters and brothers,

It is with a heavy heart that I learned on Thursday morning of Bishop Michael Barber's letter reassigning our dear Fr. Luke to St. Teresa's parish, Oakland starting June 15, 2017. It is big loss for all of us. 

Fr. Luke has been an integral part of our Parish Community in a big way for many years. Both as our Pastoral Associate and the one in-charge of the healing ministry, he has been present to our Parish families both in ordinary as well as extraordinary times in church, in our homes and both in facilities for assisted living and at John Muir Hospital. 

His well-thought out homilies, his friendly and affectionate ways and his compassion to individuals and families in their illness will be long remembered. Over the years, Fr. Luke has ministered to many a family that has lost their loved ones. His gentle way with our children and youth  too needs a special mention here. It goes without saying that he will be missed by us. 

As a grateful Parish Community, we will gather around him and express our love, appreciation and gratitude to him for the blessing that he has been to us. We will do this after all Masses the weekend of June 10-11. Fr. Luke will be present at all masses that weekend either presiding or preaching or both. 

Please come join the entire parish the weekend of June 10-11 as we celebrate Fr. Luke and thank him for his committed ministry in our midst.May God bless him and continue to guide him in his ministry wherever it takes him. 

Finally, I invite you to hold Fr. Luke and our Parish Community in your prayers as transitions tend to be hard on individuals and communities.

With much prayers and blessings,

Fr. William Rosario

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

During this season of Lent and preparation for Easter, I am aware that the community has been missing having our dear Fr. Jim McGee with us at Saturday evening Masses.  Hence, I’d like to give you an update on his health.

Fr. Jim was having a difficult time in January and early February at his home at Atria Walnut Creek.  He wasn't able to sleep and was anxious and agitated. Carolyn Steele, the  Health Manager of Retired Priests of the Diocese of Oakland helped us to transition him.

He spent about 9 days at John Muir having his medications adjusted. He was finally able to be moved to a new home that has the ability to give him medications on an as needed basis.  He is slowly making the adjustment and is feeling safer and calmer.  The Diocese has provided him 24 hour people to be with him so that he can feel secure.  He has been doing better and is very appreciative of the love and prayers that he is receiving from the community. 

Fr. Jim is not allowed visitors at this time, but you can send cards to him through our parish office and above all continue to hold him in your prayers.

May God bless Fr. Jim as he begins this new phase of his life.

United with you in praying for Fr. Jim,

Fr. William Rosario

What is a labyrinth?
The labyrinth is a spiritual tool serving as a walk-centering activity for the human heart, mind and soul. 

Is it Catholic?
Yes, it a form of meditation and centering prayer. The most famous Catholic labyrinth is in the Chartres Cathedral in France

Is it a maze?
No, a labyrinth has a single path that winds from the edge into the center. The same path leads back out to the edge again. It resembles the indirect path of our lives, which may lead us into the center of the human condition, into the heart and mind of God, sometimes into the very core of illness or pain, perhaps into the focal point of enlightenment or understanding.

Where is it?
The labyrinth is outside in the courtyard between the church and Mullen Commons.

What do I do and how long does it take?
Usually people take a moment before entering the labyrinth to quiet themselves. In silence slowly walk follow the path to the center letting go of stress and distractions. Once in the center remain there as long as you wish. You may kneel, face several directions and pray in silence. Slowly walk back out of the labyrinth in gratitude taking time to integrate this experience into your life. Plan on at least 20-30 minutes.

Would you like more information about labyrinths?
Labyrinths: The Inward Journey

Following the example of Pope Francis, SJV parish is sponsoring a refugee family, who are learning how to adapt to their new country.

We are a welcoming, compassionate community and have been praying that “God has no body on earth but mine,” so let's get involved!


Our refugee family are very good people and doing their best here. They have a place to live, which we have furnished with furniture and housewares. They have a car.  One child is in preschool and the other will start preschool this summer. Both are fluent in English. Mom is now employed. Dad has had help in preparing a resume and has been very diligently searching for a job. He has a computer science degree and many years of professional IT experience; his specialty is setting up and troubleshooting computers and networks. Please contact Pat Schneider, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. if you have any job leads! Please pray for them, especially that he finds a good job.

 Thank you.

Calling all parish volunteers! Our Diocese and all dioceses in the United States requires that all volunteers retrain for Safe Environment for Children when they begin their ministry.  The Diocese of Oakland uses a Safe Environment training program called Virtus and it is a Catholic based training system that provides wonderful material for both in-person and online trainings.

All parish employees and volunteers must update their training by attending a Safe Environment for Children training class or taking the training online. Whether you take the online class or sign-up, you must register through the Virtus system by going to Safe Environment Page. You will see a place to click for all the training classes. If you prefer to do the online class that is fine, your registration through the system will be all the proof that you need.  The parishes are paying a fixed fee for the use of this system, so we are no longer being charged a per person fee.

The purpose of this training is to make sure that all our volunteers are knowledgeable about the facts and indications of child abuse so that we can protect our children here in our parish, at home and in our neighborhoods. Even if you are not currently a parish volunteer, we welcome you to be trained. We have trained over 300 volunteers over the past few years and we are committed to doing all we can to keep St. John Vianney a safe environment for our children.

To get started please register through the Oakland Diocese websiteIf you have questions or need help registering please contact the parish office, 925-939-7911 ext. 0.

Training should be completed by ALL parish volunteers before starting their ministry.

Thank you all for your commitment to serve and to keeping our children safe here in the St. John Vianney Community!!!

Death Ends A Life – Not a Relationship

Love leaves a memory no one can steal. Our grief ministry members are here for you, accompanying you on your grief are not alone. Workshops facilitated by Fr. Padraig Greene. Fr. Greene, has been working with hurting families for almost thirty years. Please share this workshop information with your grieving families. No preregistration required. 

  •   Workshops for those who have suffered a loss: 2nd & 4th Tuesday each month, 7:30pm, Mullen Commons Vista

  •   Workshops for the Loss of a Child: 2nd Saturday of each month, 10:00am, Mullen Commons Library

For information call the Parish Office, 939-7911 ext. 0.

Stewardship "Living Our Faith Daily"

Being part of a ministry is a great way to give back to your family, the parish and the community. We are all endowed with many gifts from God and it is His expectation that we will cultivate and share those gifts accordingly dedicating Time & Talent to service in His name.

Which ministry interests you? Please click on the ministry for more information.

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