The desire for God is written in the human heart, because man is created by God for God”

     We look at faith as a treasure that God has given us. Faith is then a gift. When we talk about gratitude, we talk about gifts given and gifts received, and we thank God for the gift received. Everything is a gift. That is what gratitude is all about.

     In gratitude, we see faith as the gift that it is. God gives us faith. So we thank God for the gift of faith. The way we thank God is to give a gift back. If you want to keep your faith, you have to give it away.

     In Stewardship of Spirituality, we appreciate the gift of faith by receiving it as a gift from God and then giving the gift back to God in thanksgiving for what He has given us. Receiving the gift of faith means you have to develop the faith that God has given to you. This what Stewardship of Faith is all about.

     At St. John Vianney, we encourage our parishioners to develop the faith that God has given us. In Stewardship of Spirituality, we ask our community to make a commitment grow in their faith. We encourage parishioners to develop their faith in three ways: Participation in Bible Study Groups, Family Based Faith Formation, Parish Events, plus many more opportunities. Read. Watch. Study such as Parish Bulletin, The Catholic Voice, Books and movies about the Catholic Faith, etc. Share Your Faith by joining a Ministry, leading a Bible Study, or attending Alpha or Faith Café. These are just a few suggestions. There are many more!

     This is how we receive our faith well enough so that we are able to share it and give it away, hence, “go and make disciples”. It is faith that gets us to practice the gifts of hope and love.