The Stewardship Committee is responsible for enabling and encouraging our parishioners to make “Stewardship a Way of Life” by giving back through time, talent and treasure those gifts God has given us.  One major opportunity to give back and make “Stewardship a Way of Life” is through the various Ministries offered at SJV.

         On September 7-8 in the Vista we will execute our annual Ministry Faire after each Mass. This is opportunity for all parishioners to explore the many Ministries available and to find one that fits your talent and time available to get involved.  In preparation for the Faire we ask that you take home a Ministry Directory, discuss as a family or with friends and decide which Ministry(s) you might want to explore and possibly join.

        We are very thankful to all those that do such a great job in the many Ministries in our Parish. Without your help we simply could not do what is necessary to give the spiritual care needed in our parish and community.