Easter is here! 

We are looking for ushers and greeters to help us welcome our parishioners, families and guests.

Please click here to access the SignUP to volunteer for Easter as well as Holy Thursday and The Great Vigil. 

EME's are also needed for our services. Click here to sign up for times to volunteer. 

We are also looking for volunteers to decorate the church for Easter. Here is a list of opportunities:

Saturday April 13th 9:15 am - 10:45.  Palm Sunday setup: 

 Iron red drapes, 

replace processional candles with palms, 

removing the palms from boxes and setting them up for parishioners to take, 

putting together palm bouquets 


Sunday April 14th after 5pm Mass: 

 remove the palms from the processional candle holders, from back of church and around choir - bring to dumpster

Consolidate the left over congressional palms and leave a small amount for people to take during the week


Wednesday April 17th Holy Thursday setup 4:00pm: 

 Roll all purple fabric and store, 

Store all lent items in sacristy, 

Floral arrangements, 

Setting up Altar of Repose, 

Lifting kneelers to place them with the Altar, 

Ironing Altar cloths and backdrop.   

Setting up foot washing stations around the Church - Baskets, towels, bowls and chairs. 

Placement of plants, Placement of podiums. 

 Setting up white banners

Altar cloth and corporal in Library folded


Thursday April 18th after 7pm Mass - Good Friday Setup:

Removing all flowers and placing in working sacristy,  

Empty font,  

Remove white and replace with red. 

 Moving heavy wooden cross to Sanctuary with red drape. 

 Push Altar back 8-10”



Saturday April 9:30 - 2:00 Easter Setup:  

Flower Arrangements,  

Setting up shelving and preparing plants for the deceased, 

Ironing and Hanging gold drapes, 

Setting up Gold banners with bells,

 Hanging fabric behind Mary & Joseph

Placing plants Joseph and Mary

Making some bows and fluffing others

Place bows on processional candles and place candles in library

Alter cloth folded in library 


Cross is moved to the back with empty tomb scene, lilies and white cloth


Thank you and Happy Easter!