ALPHA for Teens is a contemporary exploration of the Christian Faith that helps young people explore the character and history of Christ. The 7-week series meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm-8:30pm in the Faith Formation Hall, and includes food, film and fellowship.

The short films are shot at locations all over the world and show youth from different countries sharing their views on faith. There is small group discussion about different weekly topics, like “Who is Jesus?” and “Prayer: why and how do I pray?”.  

There will also be a one-day retreat on Saturday, September 21st where teens can explore the topic of the Holy Spirit. 

Alpha for Teens runs from Wednesday, August 21st through Wednesday, October 16th. High School teens  can sign up online by clicking here or they can sign up in person at Faith Formation.  Teens are encouraged to bring friends of any faith to join us in this journey of faith and discovery.