The Lord Jesus, who invited the apostles, invites you to give of yourself. He needs your time, talent and resource. Yes, God needs your time, talent and resource. Unlike the apostles, you don’t need to leave behind your home, your family or your livelihood. You don’t need to go away to a distant place. All he wants of you is that you be yourself, continue to do what you do and make a little time to do God’s work.

What do you think about this invitation and how do you respond to it? Thank God, there are many in our Parish Community that have answered the call. They give of themselves – generously and selflessly. They engage in ministries because of their love for God and the Parish Community.

Are you willing to be one of them? Will you answer, “Yes” to the call of God and consider giving some time for God and his people – both within the parish and our neighborhood?

When at home, we mow the lawn, vacuum the floor and then, roll up our sleeves to do the dishes because we belong. St. John Vianney is our home – our family of faith. Then why hesitate to sign up for a ministry? No machine has extra parts; everything belongs.

So too, in our Parish Community; everyone belongs. Everyone serves a purpose. Do you know what purpose you serve? What’s it that God has given you to bring to the table? Don’t you see that the Community is incomplete without you in it? It is this that makes each of us unique; this, I believe!

As a modern philosopher, Wittgenstein, so aptly stated 'We obviously aren't here just to have a good time'. All of us are here to answer the same wonderful call from God in the various and wonderful ways that we make uniquely our own. Are you prepared to commit yourself?

Use the button below to see a list of our Ministries here are Saint John Vianney and see where you can best use your talents!