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Baptism is the hopeful beginning of a lifetime of faith. It unites the one baptized with Christ and his people. It is the outward sign celebrating the entrance of a person into the total Christian community as well as into our parish family. Through baptism we are incorporated into Christ, formed into God’s people and obtain the forgiveness of sins. Through water and the Holy Spirit, we become a new creation and are called the children of God. In bringing your child for Baptism you are accepting the responsibility of providing for your child's spiritual needs as they grow and develop and come to accept this faith on their own through continued faith formation and reception of sacraments.

Children’s Baptism Assumes an Active Faith Life in the Parish Community
Prior to requesting a date for a Baptism, parents must:

  • Be registered parishioners
  • Complete a parent preparation session
  • Choose a godparent or godparents

Parent Preparation
As part of the Rite of Baptism parents and godparents are asked to make a profession of faith. In order to fully understand the commitment they are about to make parents are required to attend a Parent Preparation session.

Parents are a child’s first teachers about faith. You will provide the "building blocks" that your child will eventually form into an adult faith. The Church recognizes the importance of parents in the foundation of faith. The community is here to help and support you in this undertaking.

Sacraments are reflections and signs of God's love but they are not magic. God's grace works with and through the faith and commitment of the parents, godparents and community. Through this active faith commitment, the child is supported throughout their faith journey.

What is Covered in the Parent Preparation Session?
The parent preparation session provides parents with an opportunity to slow down and think about the commitments you are about to undertake. Your faith will become the foundation of your child's faith. Do you know what is most important to you about being a Catholic Christian? How will you help your child understand and live this faith? What if you have another faith tradition in your family?

If you have concerns or special circumstances you will have the opportunity to meet privately with a member of the parish pastoral staff.

Parent preparation sessions are held quarterly. Contact the Sacrament Coordinator for the specific times and dates for these sessions. We do ask that you get a babysitter for the evening of the session.

How Do We Decide on Godparents?
The Church requires one godparent/sponsor who is a fully initiated Roman Catholic (having received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist) Parents have traditionally chosen two godparents/ sponsors but there are other options.

In selecting godparents, look for people who you feel are good examples of faith and who will take a long-term interest in your child. We do not require godparents to attend the preparation class. You will be given information at the class to pass on to the godparents.

Baptisms are celebrated quarterly during the year. These celebrations are held on Sunday afternoons at 1:00 p.m. Please see the Baptism Schedule for current dates of Parent Preparation sessions and Baptism celebrations.

Please allow a minimum of six weeks to complete the necessary arrangements.