Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization focused on faith, family, community, youth and fellowship. It is in service to others and our call to action through faith that their Brotherhood is strengthened.

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The Knights of Columbus, the world's largest organization of Catholic men and their families, has been called, "The right arm of the Church."   It has been cited by Popes, Presidents, and other world leaders for support of the Church, for programs of evangelization and Catholic education, as well as for civic involvement and aid to those in need.  Worldwide, we are 1.7 million Catholic men with common interests and values.  Here in Walnut Creek, our council is made up of parishioners from St. John Vianney, St. Mary's, and St. Anne's.

Why should I join the Knights?

There are many reasons to join the Knights of Columbus.  Membership offers opportunities for fellowship, service to our parishes, our Church, and community.

We assist those in need, support the Holy Father and his Clergy, and proclaim our Catholic way of life in a world that is turning it's back on God's Word.

The Knights of Columbus can also expand our social lives, provide us with additional business contacts, make available a great way to meet people, and follow our basic tenets of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism.

In what types of activities are the Knights involved?

In the Walnut Creek area, our members participate in a variety of service and social activities.  Some of our brothers serve nutritious lunches to the disadvantaged in the Loaves and Fishes "free meals" program.  Some host a monthly pancake breakfast at St. Mary's Church which provides scholarship funds for seminarians and needy grammar school students.  Each October we collect donations for the mentally retarded.  Our social events include after-Mass get-togethers at local restaurants, "A Day at the Races," marching in the Columbus Day Parade, spaghetti dinners, "Ladies Night Out" where we enjoy dinner, a show, or the theater as a group with our wives.  One of the most enjoyable social events is our Christmas party, from which the proceeds and a car-load of toys are given to the Bay Area Crisis Nursery.   As you can see, the Knights have a full calendar of events from which to choose.

What are the requirements to join?

You must be a practicing Catholic, male, and at least 18 years of age.

How can I join or find out more about the Knights?

Just click the Contact Information link above to contact the person listed.

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