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Facilitates small gatherings of parishioners in private homes to explore the Sunday Scripture Readings in light of faith and life experience. Sessions are every other week (six gatherings) three times a year.

Small Christian Communities are involved in the following four activities

  • Community: a sincere involvement in one another's lives.
  • Reflection on Scripture and the teaching of the Church.
  • Prayer and anticipation in the liturgical life of the community and the parish.
  • Service both within and beyond the community.

What Is A Small Christian Community?

A Small Christian Community (SCC) is a group of eight to fourteen adults who gather in homes to discuss their lives in the light of the Gospel and to share their Christian faith through prayer, friendship and service.

Originally Christians lived their faith within small home-based communities. Gathered around their bishop, the community was small enough to allow a deep sharing of life and faith. When the bishop's community became larger, the Church soon appreciated its need to divide into small groups--parishes. Now the parish community is in the same situation in which the bishop's community historically found itself, and so at SJV we are dividing into Small Christian Communities where quality sharing of faith and life can take place.

Are Small Christian Communities Bible Study?
Scripture reading is a part of the SCC format, but SCC's are not Bible Study groups. SCC scripture readings correspond to the Sunday Mass readings, and are reflected upon (informally) by the group in the week prior to the readings, creating an opportunity to enrich the learning from the scriptures at Mass.

How often will they meet?
The groups typically meet in the fall and again in the spring for about 6 weeks.  However, the schedule varies from group to group. 

How do I get involved?
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