Fr. Luke Farewell Album

Fr. Luke Farewell Album

To get access to all the photographs, double click on the link shown above, then click on the blue Follow link sign

- You can look through these albums, or forward this e-mail with it's secure link to family members of your choice, to share the joy in this special occasion.

- View the entire album,

- Go to the top right of the album, Click on the three little dots

-  Click on Slideshow to run a slideshow of all pictures in the album

Save or print multiple pictures, all of them are cropped to 5x7 print size. To do this:

1) go to each picture that you want for yourself,- at the top left corner of the picture click on the circle that will appear. The circle will now show a check mark.


2) When you have check-marked all the pictures that you want, go to the top right of the album, click on the three little dots and click on download to get it sent to your download location on your computer.

3) You can then send pictures from your computer to photo print services like Costco, Walmart, CVS, etc. When you send pictures to print services, make sure you check the DO NOT AUTOCORRECT box.

Yours in faith and service,

Adrian D'Souza

St. John Vianney Image Media Communication