Gardens of Stewardship

                              The 12 Gardens of Stewardship



                                          Garden of Citizenship

                             Be politically aware, be an informed and involved citizen and vote;

                                               participate in community meetings.


Garden of the Body

Get proper nutrition, exercise and rest; avoid chemical abuse, smoking, obesity.


Garden of the Soul

Cultivate a life of prayer.


Garden of Family and Friends

Take the time to nurture relationships with those important to you.


Garden of the Environment

Care for the environment; recycle; don’t waste natural resources.


Garden of Emotions

Aim for an emotional balance in life; work at being in good humor.


Garden of the Mind

Keep learning.


Garden of Decisions

Make well-informed choices; work toward understanding and consensus;

keep the vision and mission of Jesus in mind.


Garden of the Technology

Use technology for good purposes.


Garden of History

Know and value the things of the past; keep the lessons of history fresh in the mind.


Garden of the Arts

Listen to, read and watch the best in books, music, movies,

theatre, artwork, radio and television.


Garden of Money

Use financial resources well; set and keep a budget; set spending limits;

ask how much money is enough.


Stewardship...Living our Faith Daily

Family Based Faith Formation

We have some information about faith formation that we would like to share with you.

Fr. James Martin, a Jesuit priest and columnist in America Magazine, wrote an article in January; about Faith Formation please click here to read it.

America Magazine also posted a video to go along with the article, please click here to view it.