Immigration Issues

Helping Our Neighbors- There are somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 legal immigrants in our Diocese looking to become citizens. Catholic Charities of the East Bay (CCEB) is working to help legal immigrants become citizens or permanent residents. If you would like to help click here for information on upcoming events.

Caring Hands

We all have a "life story" to tell. Imagine if no one was there to listen? As a Caring Hands volunteer, you have the opportunity to be there for someone who has a LIFETIME of stories to tell. The heart of the ministry is connecting a senior with a caring volunteer so you really get a chance to know each other well. As a Caring Hands minister you can make a significant impact on dispelling the loneliness and isolation that affects so many seniors.

Volunteer hours are flexible. You are matched with a senior who lives close to you and who meets your day and time requirements. John Muir Health offers comprehensive training and ongoing support so you feel prepared to be a volunteer. I hope you will consider joining us!

For more information on Caring Hands click here.

Contact Patricia Coyle
925-939-7911 Ext 0
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Concord Homeless Shelter (CCIC)

Twenty years ago SJV became partners with St. Francis of Assisi, Concord and Evangelical Free Church, Walnut Creek to begin a project to meet the needs of the homeless in our community. In partnership with the Contra Costa Interfaith Coalition, SJV provides a dinner ministry to the residents of the N. Concord Shelter. We depend on our parish volunteers to help prepare a monthly dinner in the Faith Formation Kitchen at SJV and serve this meal at the N. Concord Shelter, 2047 Arnold Industrial Way, Concord. (Once a month, on the second Saturday, dinners are prepared in our Parish Kitchen and brought to about 75 residents of the North Concord Shelter.)

Contact Kate Garvey
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Contra Costa Interfaith Coalition

Work with SJV Parishioners and members of other local churches on a variety of projects to serve those in need in Contra Costa County.

Contact Julie Petersen
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Family to Family

Under the direction of Catholic Charities of the East Bay, this is a parish team/family-client partnership whose purpose is to strengthen community involvement and make a difference in the lives of impoverished families by assisting them to become sustainable.

Contact Mark MacMahon
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Tammy Medlock
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 Family-to-Family Partnership Program

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of low income families in the East Bay? Members of the SJV community have been actively involved in this ministry for a few years. They have offered their gifts of time, talent and material support to empower families become sustainable. Above all, the parish team and its client family strive to forge loving and compassionate relationships and to serve one another with joy, dignity and justice. Representatives from our parish will be at the back of the church to answer questions and to share stories about this ministry. For more information, please contact Kam Baloue at (847) 707-5114.


Habitat for Humanity

Join your fellow parishioners in building simple, decent, and affordable houses with low-income people in need; advocating for affordable housing in Contra Costa County; and building community at SJV through ministry activities.

Contact Nancy Williams
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More About Habitat for Humanity

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization focused on faith, family, community, youth and fellowship. It is in service to others and our call to action through faith that their Brotherhood is strengthened.

Contact Jim Hart
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More About Knights of Columbus

Loaves & Fishes

Two groups participate (1st & 2nd Tuesday and 1st & 2nd Wednesday of the month) offsite in providing a hot meal for the homeless and others in need. Volunteers cook and serve the meal and/or clean up afterwards. Involvement is about 5 hours each time.

Contact Rhea Bennett
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St. Vincent De Paul Society

Mission Statement

"The Society of St. Vincent de Paul
leads women and men to join
together to grow spiritually by
offering person-to-person service..."

If you want to find out more information about joining, please contact:

Contact Mark MacMahon
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Go to St. Vincent de Paul Society Page

Winter Nights

For one week of the year, as part of the Contra Costa Interfaith Coalition Winter Nights Shelter program, SJV volunteers host homeless families; mother, father, little children and teens. The parish provides meals, activities and gracious hospitality.

Contact Peggy Casey
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Learn more about Contra Costa County's efforts

Donate Small Toiletry Items

Many thanks for your donations to our St. Vincent de Paul ministry on the 5th Sunday collections. Because of your kindness and generosity our parish will be able to help many low-income families and individuals in the Walnut Creek/Concord area with food, gas, clothing, and other essentials. On behalf of our less fortunate brothers and sisters who receive assistance because of your generosity, we thank you and pray for God’s blessings on you!

Also, we now have a box in the vestibule for small toiletry articles; it’s on the bottom shelf of the table right across from the library. We will keep this box there year-round so that people can drop off small sample-size toiletry items at any time. These items will be put into bags and given to the families we help at Christmas as well as to our homeless clients. Thank you in advance for your generosity with this.

Trinity Center Winter Evening Shelter

Shelter’s Goals
Provide shelter and services for up to 29 adults this winter. Trinity Center members enrolled in the Winter Shelter will receive assistance with job search; services to find emergency, transitional or permanent housing; and health care services to help them avoid a return to the street when the Shelter closes.

The program is aligned with Contra Costa Zero 2016 goals targeting but not limited to housing 4 veterans and 19 chronically homeless individuals living in Walnut Creek by the end of 2016.


How SJV Will Help
Meals – Monday, February 1 thru Sunday, February 7, 2016

St. John Vianney church is providing evening meals, Monday through Sunday, for Shelter members the week of February 1 – 7. Approximately 100 parishioners are needed to donate cooked meal items, so we can provide a simple, hearty, evening meal for about 30 people each evening.

·  Thank you for your generous response to cook meal items or donate money. The sign ups for meal items were filled this weekend. Please see the additional ways to help below or visit Trinity Center website, if you missed the sign ups after Mass.

If you can’t help that week, your cash donations are also greatly appreciated to buy additional food and supplies.  Donation checks should be made to: SJV with Trinity Center Shelter in the notes line.

Pope Francis has asked us to look within our own communities and perform simple acts of mercy. Join our Faith in Action and St. Vincent de Paul Ministries in this simple outreach to those trying to get off the streets and improve their lives.

Thank you for your generous support!

If you have questions, please contact Maggie Chaffee, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Additional Ways to Help
If you can help with any of the following opportunities, please email Carol Lombard, Volunteer Director – Winter Shelter at Trinity Center. Carol's email is  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If you missed signing up for SJV's week of meals, you can still provide meal items for Trinity Center by sending Carol Lombard an email with Food in the subject line. The shelter will need evening meals through it closure in mid-March.

Adult Volunteers Needed
Assist Shelter Manager with evening operations, 5:30pm - 1:00am. Due to staff illnesses and vacations, we need 7 volunteers to take one night each week from now through March 12 (3 nights). No exerience needed. Please contact Jessie Jones as soon as possible : (925) 464-3893

Resume Writing Team
Our first activity is going to be with our Resume Writing Team starting this Monday night, Jan 4th. If you are interested in being part of this team send an email with Resume in the subject to Carol. She can include 3 or 4 more people in that effort. She has 6 people currently. They will help fine tune resumes, write cover letter, conduct mock interviews, etc. Trinity Center a staff Job Developer, who will lead the team. Trinity Center’s Job Developer has successfully placed a number of Trinity’s clients with local employers such as UPS and local Walnut Creek retailers.

Basketball Team Leader
Trinity Center would like to see if they could get 2 people to volunteer to run a basketball game on Thursday nights at 5:30 or 6:00 pm. If you are interested in being a Basketball Team Leader send Carol an email with Basketball in the subject line. If you do this it does not have to be every Thursday. We can rotate people through and it will depend on the weather.

Systems Navigators
Wednesday nights will be devoted to “getting what you need out of the systems.” If you have skills in patient navigation, have been a case worker, worked with insurance, Medicare/Medicaide, Social Security, Food Stamps, etc. Send Carol an email with Systems Navigator in the subject. Wednesday nights can be different each week depending on the specific skills people have to offer.

Mental Health Professionals
Trinity Center would like to support our members in all aspects of their health and healing. We know that being on the streets is traumatizing and most of our members have suffered hardships that lead to them being on the streets. To help them get back on their feet we want to offer them a chance to process their experiences. If you have a degree in mental health care and would be willing to sit and talk with people once a week for about 30/45 minutes please let Carol know. You would likely only meet with 2 people a week.  We believe this would function as a release valve and supportive ear for the most part.  If you are interested in this type of volunteering put Mental Health in the subject line and include exactly what type of credentials you have.

ART Projects
ART projects!! Ideas?? Trinity Center would like to make Sunday evenings Art project night. They have very limited space and limited budget for art supplies. If you want to get creative send Carol an email with Art in the subject line and then tell her what kind of project you want to do with their members.

Parent with Teenager
Several people have emailed Trinity Center about volunteering with their kids. They love the idea of kids being here. They believe adults behave better around kids. Generally, they do not let anyone under 18 volunteer on their own. If parents accompany kids that works. Please email Carol with Parent with Teenager in the subject line. Carol is working on a project that the kids can be part of. Kids are part of our community and it's great to get them active in helping and understanding our challenges as a community.