Easter People

Dear Sisters and Brothers

The Lord has risen! Alleluia! His resurrection is not just the good news - it’s great news! The raising of Jesus from the dead is the greatest news of all time as it embraces and includes all interests and yearnings of women and men and it’s not conditioned by space and time, culture and country. Christ’s resurrection is the only news that is of lasting importance to the human race. The joy and salvation of the Resurrection of Christ is offered to all and is available for all of time.

To maintain its interest, to truly live and experience what the resurrection means, is now up to us. The early Christians carried out this mission in their time, their language and their society. It’s now up to us to continue that mission in our time, our language and our society. This continuance is no mere repetition of what they said and did. In all simplicity, humility and due proportion in persons and in time, it needs to be a personal experience in our time and setting. The crux of the message is the same: it is the meeting in faith with the living Christ, the direct and intimate, tender and loving encounter with the Risen Lord. The details may vary depending on the multiplicity of persons and the variety of the grace of God.

Has this encounter with the Risen Lord become a reality in your lives, light in your conduct and experience in your prayer? Does our belief in the Risen Lord serve as the motivation to live as community? Can we share the light of Easter to dissolve alienation and oppression? Are we being an Easter people?

When proclaiming the Resurrection of Jesus, do we merely quote what was quoted by those to whom it also had been quoted? Or are we expressing what we have experienced and telling people what we have tasted? What’s your experience of the Risen One? And how will you share that good news?

I'm glad to inform you that I will be on vacation with my family in India from April 26th to May 25. During such time kindly approach Fr. Luke for all pastoral matters and Debbie Mellin for administrative issues".

Easter blessing

Fr. William Rosario